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Collectibles 6. Format see all Format. All Listings filter applied. Buy It Now. Condition see all Condition. New Used 5. Not Specified Please provide a valid price range. Item Location see all Item Location. Default filter applied. Canada Only. North America. Show only see all Show only. Free Returns. Across Britain, Kindles are about to burst into flames. Will they huddle in guilty groups to look for the dirty bits? Will police bring down the hammer of the law on them? Frankly, I doubt it. Police burst into shops and seized and burned the books.

Two men went to prison over them. Even I got caught up in the frenzied witch-hunt. He never found it though. All this, of course, was pre-topless, pre-Pill, pre-twerking, pre-flavoured-condoms, when the F-word was only to be used by serving soldiers and qualified coal-miners, and then only in whispers.

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Right down. So who was Hank Janson? Readers were told he was born in England, stowed away on a fishing trawler, dived for pearls in the Pacific, went whaling in the Arctic, worked all over the States as a truck driver, news reporter and private detective, and served in Burma during the war.

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It was a colourful biography, befitting a colourful writer — but the truth was more mundane. Hank was a pseudonym, and his CV a work of fiction. The man behind the mask was Stephen Daniel Frances. He came from a poor family in Lambeth, South London, where he had the two requisites of a deprived childhood — a bread-and-jam diet and a drunken granny.

Hank Janson was in fact south Londoner Stephen Daniel Frances who was churning out the pulp fiction at a rate of one book a month. He worked as a clerk, and his hobbies were cycling and camping. After trying his hand at journalism, he founded a small publishing company and chose the name Hank because it rhymed with Yank. In those grey post-war years of permanent drizzle, Hank was a sensation. The books came with cover illustrations that would make a sailor blush.

For the most part they featured a dame, blouse ripped, skirt hitched up to her thighs, struggling sweetly against chains, often tied to a chair, wide-eyed in terror at something just out of sight. And what an impression these books made on their young readers. As my golf club research proved, mature men will recall them. He did what we all did: ripped off the lurid covers for fear of giving his parents a heart attack.

Then he squirrelled them away beneath the floorboards of his bedroom. However, an older brother gave me Skirts Bring Me Sorrow, which we kept behind the radiator of the school cloakroom.

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One boy would go on watch while others read the saucy bits. Her pointed nails seared across my back, tore skin through my thin shirt.

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A piece of my lip went with her and, as I gripped her bare shoulders, she was panting uncontrollably, eyes swimmy and semi-conscious. A little trickle of blood ran down from her parted lips. See what I mean?

That was Page It was quite hard to concentrate on your Latin after that. I have it here before me now. Not the original, but a reissue by the publisher, Telos, which has reprinted a range of the originals and is launching them on Amazon. But more than that, they give a fascinating insight into the attitudes, customs and morals — particularly sexual morals — of the Fifties. It all went wrong when the authorities were seized by one of their periodical attacks of Puritanism in the late Fifties. Police raided shops, seized the books and destroyed them. Booksellers were prosecuted.

The publisher and the distributor were heavily fined and sent to jail for six months. Luckily, by this time Hank — or rather Stephen Frances — had gone to live in Spain. When police caught up with him, he denied he was the author of the books.

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For it was the truth. He was Stephen Frances, not Hank Janson. He was acquitted of all charges and continued writing into the Seventies, although the last Hank Janson novel that can be reliably attributed to him was published in He died of emphysema in , at his home in Spain.

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Telos Publishing is proud to bring back into print what most fans agree is one of the very best of the classic era Hank Janson novels. "Accused" was the most. FREE UK Delivery on book orders dispatched by Amazon over £ . Start reading ACCUSED (Hank Janson Crime Book 6) on your Kindle in under a minute.

We shall see. Certainly when I resumed reading Hank after all these years, I was back there huddled beside the school radiator with my pals, shakily turning the pages until we found phrases such as. Did it deprave and corrupt us? Oh, I expect so. You only have to see them teeing off to know that.

The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. The man who taught a generation about sex: His luridly salacious thrillers were every British schoolboy's guilty secret - but his greatest work of fiction was his own life story By Colin Dunne Published: GMT, 4 January Updated: GMT, 4 January e-mail 38 View comments.