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Becoming a Mighty Man of God
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At Corinth, the men had failed to remain alert. They were factious chapters 1 to 3 , immoral chapter 5 , litigious chapter 6. They had perverted ideas about marriage, divorce, and celibacy chapter 7 , they were self-indulgent chapter 10 , they were indifferent about others chapter 10 , they misused spiritual gifts chapters 12 to 14 , and they were unloving chapter The men of Corinth had failed to remain alert in their homes and in their church. In the New Testament, John MacArthur points out there are six additional areas every believer is to watch out for—you are to be alert.

That is the job of the man—to become a mighty man means you accept the responsibility to make certain your home and your church stay on biblical target. Get a biblical plan together—get help and get after it. It is your responsibility to live obedient to the Scriptures.

The alert father studies his kids and if he sees an unbiblical trait developing, like lying, laziness, like effeminate sons or masculine daughters, an overt emphasis on appearance, uncontrolled lust, materialism, or a total focus on self—the mighty man comes up with a biblical game plan to pray, teach the Word, memorize Scripture, give lessons, expose them to biblical priorities, models, experiences and discipleship which will address those issues biblically.

That is your job—you are responsible. You are to be alert. Pay attention. Fulfill your responsibility. When Paul addresses the parenting process, he puts it on the shoulders of fathers in verse 4. Paul uses the Greek word for parents in verse 1. The discipleship of parenting is first the responsibility of the father. Alongside of him is his wife, the mother of his children—but it is first the responsibility of the father to become a mighty man of God. Men are not responsible for every want of their wives and children, but men are responsible for the needs of their family—food, clothing and housing falls on you.

And like the men of Corinth, all biblical men will engage in a church, cultivating a community relationship—not just with the leadership, along with sacrificial giving, faithful service, embracing sound doctrine while caring for the spiritual health of the church. The biblical man is also concerned his home lives worthy of the Gospel and shares the message of the Gospel, and like Christ, is burdened for those who are lost. Paul commands the men to pay attention to the doctrine and direction of your family and your church.

Be ready to raise the alarm to return to truth. Every man is responsible to watch for error and redirect lifestyle to live obediently to the Word of God. Accept the responsibility to lead. Men are to grow up. Men are no longer children. This second command means to be steadfast. When the article the is used with faith, it most often means objective faith.

This is not speaking about a subjective reliance needed to trust God here. This admonition to stand and be firm is directed against wavering, uncertainty, or doubt. Men are to stand in the faith—not like a dead post that has been driven into the ground, but like a living tree that fixes its roots ever deeper into the ground. Becoming a mighty man and standing firm assumes growth and increasing firmness. The mighty man depends on objective truth found only in the Bible.

Christian men today no longer know the Word nor the God of the Word.

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Therefore, they are subject to opinions, culture, feelings, ideas and immature examples for their life direction and leadership. Many modern churches have adopted this secular approach—to not take a stand on anything, so as not to offend. So everything is uncertain and nothing is absolute. Satan cannot take saving faith away, but he can obscure the content of our faith. If men do not stand firm on right interpretations of Scripture, then they will slip into wrong thinking, errant beliefs, and aberrant behavior. Weak Christians avoid speaking of Christ as the only way, only truth and only life, but biblical men take their stand on Christ alone.

Wimpy men embrace a victim mentality, but biblical men accept the consequences of their sins, embrace trials with joy, even seek to love those who attack or offend. Mighty men do not live by fear, except to fear God. Mighty men are afraid of God, but are not afraid of anything or anyone else—even their wives. If their wife wants to gossip, they confront them and lovingly exhort them not to.

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If their wife wants to parent by fear, they share passages they can follow so as not to. If their wife loves things, he seeks to model a love for the Lord over things, seeks to oversee the budget, controls the credit cards and more. If their wife wants to argue, the mighty men will pray. The mighty man wants eternal things over earthly things. The biblical man wants to please Christ over pleasing his wife or kids or others.

It is a call to courageous manliness in an hour when mature leadership was needed. The Greek means be men constantly, or show yourselves men always—be manly.

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And it started to minister to the wounds and it started to minister to the questions that I had as a teen. Email to friends Share on Facebook - opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter - opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest - opens in a new window or tab Add to Watchlist. And like the men of Corinth, all biblical men will engage in a church, cultivating a community relationship—not just with the leadership, along with sacrificial giving, faithful service, embracing sound doctrine while caring for the spiritual health of the church. The true man, the mighty man, is a man who knows and lives by truth. Serving the King requires perseverance when others quit. Mighty Men Have Faith Adino the Eznite, using a spear, fought against and defeated men at one time. Get the item you ordered or get your money back.

The opposite is to be cowardly, fainthearted like some women, or timid like children. The imperative plural means acquit yourselves like men.

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This is the only place in the New Testament where the verb appears, yet the sense is sufficiently clear. Biblically mature men act like men. They manifest a mature courage which includes a sense of control, confidence, and courage the immature or childish person does not have.

Becoming a Mighty Man (1 Corinthians 16:13-14)

Paul already told the Corinthians to not be children in their thinking, to grow into spiritual men, not babies. How do men show fear? By avoidance—they keep their mouth closed when it should be open. They avoid a situation when they should walk right in. They ignore a conversation when they should interrupt.

And they remain passive about truth when they should be aggressive about the truth. Some men are afraid to bring up a difficult issue with their wives. Some men are afraid to open up a difficult conversation with their teenagers. Some men are afraid to speak up about a biblical truth to non-Christians. Biblical men reject passivity by living for, obeying, and intimately knowing God. Biblically manhood is almost always defined by your knowledge of God. John tells us the child understands the Gospel, the young man battles for the Truth, and the mature man intimately knows God.

click Paul tells us the mature man knows the fullness of Christ. Peter and Hebrews tell us the mature man grows from milk to meat. Paul tells us that Scripture teaches, corrects, reproves and trains, so the man of God will be equipped for every good work. The mighty man pursues learning the Word of God to know God.

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As a biblical man, you are first an example of living the truth for others around you. Then you lead by calling others to live the truth you are currently living or are pursuing. You initiate with the truth. You lead with the Word. You apologize first in an argument. You get your family engaged in the local church. Overall, you take responsibility for the spiritual health of your home.

We can be a cheap date.

The Lord must work through you. The Lord must empower you and mature you by working in you and through you by His Holy Spirit.

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The part men play is to submit themselves to Christ through His Spirit, in order to be strengthened in order to live out the role of the mighty man. This strength is especially necessary in the New Testament, when men face spiritual opposition. The Corinthians were still fleshly, living by their own strength.

Some of them were false, so-called believers, who like all unbelievers, live in the flesh.

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Some of them were believers temporarily living in their own strength, being fleshly. But in order for the men of the Church to see Christlike changes in the Corinthian church, biblical changes—they had to be strong, strengthened by the Spirit of God. When you are filled with the Spirit, you demonstrate the fruit of the Spirit. When you are dependently strengthened, people see the Lord through you. Player will resume where you were momentarily. Please wait This teaching has been completed. Play again?

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