Bewegung bewahren: Freie Archive und die Geschichte von unten (German Edition)

Bewegung bewahren: Freie Archive und die Geschichte von unten (German Edition)
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Neither culture nor beauty can grow out of crimes and impunity.

Moreover, there are many reasons to assume that the new state museum of strict regime is a temporary phenomenon. It is very likely that in the future, its halls will turn into profitable offices, and the Roerich paintings can at best be in storerooms, at worst at auctions and in private collections, as has already happened with the collection of George Roerich [9].

Golden Ladder with Crystal Handrails. Medinsky, the capture of the estate was undertaken exclusively with the purpose of its protection. At the day of the seizure, Medinsky tried to justify his unlawful actions. After such a statement, it would be logical to see a team of restorers, humming machinery, rapid installation of stagings in the grounds of the estate… Alas.

Six months passed. The time would seem to be enough to start at least any work to restore the allegedly collapsing manor. Perhaps the officials are pressed of funding. Nothing of that kind!

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According to official figures, the officials allocated 2. Petersburg [13]. And this is not counting It will take some work to contrive how to spend all these money in the framework of the projects mentioned. But what exactly?

Transitional Justice: Historische Aufarbeitung und Geschichtsschreibung

In order to get an answer to this, we are to get acquainted with the economical projects of the leadership of the State Museum of Oriental Art. A museum or an apartment house? That is, this Scientific-Expert center did not exist at all three months before the conclusion of this agreement.

Nothing of this kind! The current leaders of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the State Museum of Oriental Art intentionally keep silent about the cost of the estate restoration of more than 1 billion rubles! The calculations are in progress.

Der G20 2017 in Hamburg – umfassender Bericht und Analyse.

Blume at the University of Fine Arts of Hamburg. Saint amour. The confidentiality obligations contained in this NDA shall remain binding upon the Parties for 5 years from the date of disclosure of Confidential Information hereunder, notwithstanding any termination or expiry of this NDA prior to the end of such period. This sort of interplay between music, art, sound, and experimental gestures is what Tintin Patrone is interested in. Erweiterte Studienausgabe edn Munich : Piper Verlag , Ein MBE-Center kann durchschnittlich Il programma si articola in sei settimane, tre in aula e tre presso un negozio operativo.

The Inquisition at State Account. The leaders of the Ministry of Culture and the State Museum of Oriental Art have planned to eliminate not only the museum complex, but the International Center of the Roerichs, which stands guard over the notarized will of Svetoslav Roerich. The expectations of the officials are perfectly clear and transparent. If to destroy the social organization to which Svetoslav Roerich transferred the legacy of his family, the access to the multi-million cultural treasure will be open to them.

How to do it? The officials try to present the ICR, a world-renowned cultural and scientific organization, as a sect and blame it for extremism so then to liquidate it through the court. The price of the contract was thousand rubles [19]. However, if money is offered, why not work it out? Moreover, at present it is much easier to make a customized expert opinion [21]. Especially when the case is simplified by an unobtrusive hint in Appendix No. All of them are based on the philosophy of the Roerichs. Lyudmila Shaposhnikova is rightly considered the founder of a new scientific school of modern Roerich studies.

Her scientific activity is recognized in many countries of the world. Philosophical views of the Roerichs along with the world outlook of the world-famous scientists V. Vernadsky and A. For a quarter of a century scientists and prominent public figures were cooperating with the ICR [24], studying the philosophy of Living Ethics. A lot of proceedings of scientific conferences and other publications were edited, and a number of dissertations defended [25]. Therefore, in particular, the activities of the ICR cannot be characterized as religious ones there is no mythology, cult practice, and stable organization of a religious charismatic type.

Nature Reserve of Public Culture. In , Svetoslav Roerich notarized [27] the transfer of ownership rights to the paintings and archives of his family under the law of India, of which he was a citizen. This fact is legally indisputable. The Ministry of Culture does not even try to prove the contrary in Russian courts, let alone Indian or international ones. This skill was useful to the minister to lie publicly at the State Duma on May 17, It follows that Medinsky and those who carried out his orders knew perfectly well that they were committing a robbery on April 28, , seizing the collection and property of the Non-Governmental Nicholas Roerich Museum.

Minister Medinsky is under time-pressure. He is to present not lip service, paid by him at the Duma rostrum [31], but much more weighty arguments. In my opinion, the Center must have significant independence, flexibility and the ability to function regardless of bureaucratic barriers using new, non-traditional approaches and appealing directly to the international community.

Almost a quarter of a million people has protested against this development by signing a petition in defense of the ICR and its Non-Governmental Nicholas Roerich Museum [34]. In order to save the disappearing culture of Russia the representatives of law enforcement bodies and the Russian Government are to show themselves strong enough to hear the voice of the people and stop the excesses of the officials of the Ministry of Culture and the State Museum of Oriental Art.

Discourses and Ecologies of Innovation in the Creative University

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For there is no bright future without the culture. And the defenders of the Non-Governmental Nicholas Roerich Museum become more and more convinced in their future victory. The heritage of the Roerichs will be saved, and the Non-Governmental Nicholas Roerich Museum will open its doors to welcome visitors! The people of Russia, having for centuries kept a rich Russian culture, should hear it. Otherwise, our children and grandchildren will have to look out at the state museums of strict regime through the lattice of fences for all their lives, and will be acquainted with a social form of culture exclusively through a history book.


This unique oral history of the late s tells of the most dramatic events of the day in the words of those closest to the action--activists, organizers, criminals, bombers, policy makers, veterans, hippies, and draft dodgers. These chapters are narrative snapshots of key moments and critical groups that sprung up in some of the most turbulent years of the 20th century. As a whole, they capture the essence of an era.

In the Heart of the Vatican [Doku] [German]

They questioned and challenged nearly every aspect of American society--work, capitalism, family, education, male-female relations, sex, science, and wealth--and many of their questions remain important. A sampling of insights: how the killing of four students at Kent State turned a straight social worker into a hippie overnight; how the draft turned Ivy League-educated young men into fugitives and prisoners; how powerful government insiders walked away from their careers; how Vietnam vets came home vowing to stop the war; how, in the name of peace, intellectuals became bombers; how alienation from the establishment and the older generation compelled people to drop out, experiment with psychedelic drugs, and live communally; and how the civil rights and antiwar movements gave birth to feminism"-- Provided by publisher.

Blee, Kathleen M. Description Book — x, p. Chapter 4: What's the Problem? Chapter 6: Lessons Appendices Bibliography. And why are these so hard to change? Kathleen Blee provides a provocative answer: that the way grassroots groups start can hamper their ability to invigorate political life and change society for years to come.

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Important for both scholars and activists, it shows how grassroots activism can better live up to its potential, and pinpoints the pitfalls that activist groups should avoid. Based on observing more than 60 grassroots groups in Pittsburgh for three years, Democracy in the Making is an unprecedented look at how ordinary people come together to change society. It gives a close-up look at the deliberations of activists on the left and right as they work for animal rights, an end to the drug trade in their neighbourhood, same-sex marriage, global peace, and more.

It shows how grassroots activism can provide an alternative to civic disengagement and a forum for envisioning how the world can be transformed. At the same time, it documents how activist groups become mired in dysfunctional and undemocratic patterns that their members dislike but can't fix.