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Transforming Shelters to Save More Cats: A Blueprint for Change
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This is an accreditation scheme open to any veterinary clinic that deals with cat patients. This preventative healthcare programme promotes a partnership of care between cat owners and their veterinary clinics for the lifelong health of their cat. It is a blueprint for how a clinic and owner can work together to keep cats healthy and encourage regular preventative healthcare checks.

The programme is aimed at both veterinary clinics and cat owners and has its own dedicated website. This campaign has its own website: CatCare for Life. Do you give consent for us to use cookies to track your session on our website? This allows us to analyse our site traffic in order to make improvements to the user experience. Our Other Sites Close.

Our Other Sites. Taking a stand on feline health and welfare issues International Cat Care is an animal welfare charity passionate about improving the lives of all cats, everywhere.

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International Declaration of Responsibilities to Cats Life is tough for many cats all over the world, and cat welfare urgently needs improving. Read more First Do No Harm: Breeding of Pedigree Cats International Cat Care understands that some people wish to own or breed pedigree cats — to be able to choose a cat with a certain look and perhaps certain behavioural characteristics. HealthOverLooks We are also working with the British Veterinary Association on the HealthOverLooks campaign which urges cat lovers to avoid choosing pedigree breeds of cat designed to have extreme or unusual features, such as flat faces or folded ears.

Read more about the campaign Declawing of Cats International Cat Care and its veterinary division the International Society of Feline Medicine ISFM consider the declawing of cats for anything other than genuine therapeutic medical reasons to be an act of mutilation and to be unethical.

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The Cat Care Blueprint For Cat Owners: The Cat Care Blueprint - Kindle edition by Bryan Milwood. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC. Buy Cat Care Blueprint: Read Books Reviews -

Read our Importance of Microchipping Position Statement Cat Friendly Clinic Healthy, happy cats require good veterinary care; however many owners are put off taking their cat to the vet because they know it can be stressful for the cat and for them! Search iCatCare. Blue Print Studios allows cats on medication oral, topical and sub-cutaneous to be boarded at no additional charge. This includes cats on insulin and antibiotics. All medications must accompany instructions given by your veterinarian. Cats are required to be up to date with F3 or F4.

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Vaccination certificates showing your cat has been vaccinated during the last 12 months must be sighted prior to boarding. Kittens must have had their first course at least 2 weeks before they arrive.

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Our Taxi service must be arranged at the time of booking. Stop Trapping Community Cats for Impoundment Make sure that your staff knows to never trap community cats. Explain your new Feral Cat Protection Policy and why it is the best approach to feral cats. If you loan traps out to community members, ensure that they are using the traps as part of a humane Trap-Neuter-Return program and explain why your shelter no longer accepts community cats.

Make sure your staff knows to never trap eartipped cats. If they are mistakenly picked up, return them immediately to their original location. If your facility cannot start a program right away, consider partnering with local community cat groups that can help with referrals in the interim and work on making small steps toward the larger goal.

Read more about why TNR is the best approach for community cats and how to implement it in your community. This reduces the number of kittens born each year and sends a message to the public that you are socially responsible and care about the lives of animals.

Learn more about early-age spay and neuter.

Institute Programs that Reduce Owner Surrender Provide community members with more options than bringing their companion animal to your facility. Some services you can offer include: website and in-shelter bulletin board posting services, a list of pet-friendly apartment buildings, tips and ideas about getting a companion animal adopted successfully, and invitations to join adoption events. To improve animal retention, consider implementing programs such as low-cost medical services and behavior training.

You can also start a pet food bank for people who are not able to afford pet food. It is beneficial for records to include specific categories of cats stray, feral, socialized, etc. For any death, list the reason for death. It is also beneficial to track the number, type, and result of calls you receive from the public. TNR is the only humane and effective method of care for community cats.

Shelters that start TNR programs can see dramatic results in a relatively short time period.

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They tend to see significant reductions in kitten and cat intakes, and then increases in their save rates. Learn how to implement an organizational TNR program. Learn how to practice targeted TNR , which involves identifying which areas or neighborhoods have the most people calling about cats or bringing in cats, and then targeting TNR efforts in those areas.

Taking a stand on feline health and welfare issues

Learn how to use the traps and become familiar with trapping techniques. Show borrowers how to set the traps before they leave your facility. Review our guide to starting a trap depot. Find out more about unique veterinary protocols for community cats.

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Conduct Community Outreach in Underserved Communities Develop strategies and programs to bring critical information and services to areas where many people cannot afford or access veterinary care and other resources that support pet wellness. Increase your impact with targeted outreach. When unweaned kittens show up at animal control shelters, these babies who require around-the-clock care are almost always killed. But some shelters are starting lifesaving programs to protect these extremely fragile and vulnerable animals. Neonatal kitten care programs rely heavily on devoted volunteers and foster homes to care for the animals.

Volunteers are trained in neonatal kitten care and generally given the supplies they need to bottle-feed and care for the kittens until they reach the appropriate age for adoption.

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Austin Pets Alive! Executive Director Ellen Jefferson, DVM, and her staff visited the city shelter often to determine how to focus their lifesaving efforts most effectively. They were then housed in a dedicated neonatal ward where caregivers signed up for two-to-four hour feeding shifts to ease the burden of hour kitten care. In , the program rescued almost 1, kittens.

Learn more about what to do in various scenarios in which you may be trying to trap a mother.

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Ringworm is highly treatable, and does not have to be a death sentence for cats in shelters. Some shelters have opened ringworm wards where cats with ringworm are cared for and treated. They are moved into the general cat area once they are successfully treated and their infection clears up. Their innovative program allows cats to be adopted directly from the ringworm ward so that they can be treated at home with their new family instead of staying at the shelter longer for treatment.

Nevada Humane Society also has a ringworm program. One change she made was to end the automatic killing of animals for ringworm and other treatable conditions. The shelter depends on foster homes to help care for cats and kittens with ringworm until they are symptom-free and ready for adoption. Since it can be challenging to find foster homes willing to care for animals with ringworm, they make sure to educate people about exactly what ringworm is, how to treat it, and what simple precautions to take when caring for an animal with ringworm.

The population stabilizes—no more kittens! Volunteer caregivers provide food and water for colonies and help ensure that the cats coexist peacefully with their community.

TNR is a humane method of care—and the best approach—for outdoor cats. If your facility cannot start its own program right away, consider working with local community cat groups that you can refer people to in the interim.