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Positive Psychology | Exercises for building happiness – Part 1
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32 Proven Techniques that Increase Happiness

The need to be right prevents us from actively listening to each other. Thus, like all good teachers, we began by looking for theory to justify our presentation. The Authentic Happiness initiative at University of Pennsylvania offers the following scales:. Positive psychology interventions teach us skills to amplify the intensity and duration of these emotions. Psychological Science, 24 3 ,

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The sounds of birds chirping, rain falling, and bees buzzing are proven to lower stress and evoke a feeling of calm. What better way to reap these benefits than going for a quiet hike in nature where you'll have a front row seat for mother nature's symphony. If you can incorporate a river, rolling brook, waterfall, lapping lake or ocean into your expedition, even better.

The sound of running water is scientifically proven to boost happiness and relieve tension,too.

Participating in a team sport gives us a deepened sense of self-worth, purpose, and meaning. Just don't worry about winning. An analysis of the facial expressions of Olympic athletes shows that bronze medal winners are typically happier than those who win the gold. Focus on doing well rather than being the best.

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Touching your toes can relieve stress by increasing blood flow to the brain. It also enhances memory and improves circulation. Some health and fitness experts say toe touches can also treat and prevent back pain. Green exercise is any physical activity taken outdoors, where we can benefit from the positive effect the rugged wilderness has on our mood. So whether it's cycling or push-ups, take it outside.

It doesn't need to be a world-class beach or awe-inspiring canyon, either. The neighborhood park is natural enough to do the trick. And better yet if it's a sunny day. Sunshine gives us a natural boost of serotonin, the hormone that makes us happy.

'Happiness' exercises can boost mood in those recovering from substance use disorder

A healthy dose of UV rays can also boost fertility and help prevent multiple sclerosis, diabetes, seasonal affective disorder, and even cavities. Disclaimer: The links and mentions on this site may be affiliate links.

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by. Lea McLeod, M.A.. Career Guidance - Science Is the Best: 5 Proven Exercises to Make You Genuinely Happier. Employee Almanac by Lea McLeod. 17 Activities for Building Happiness in Life (PDF); 32 Proven Techniques that Increase Happiness; 28 Exercises for Finding and Building Upon.

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