Hostile Fortunes

Breakfast Briefing: Hostile Takeover Cambodia
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It gives them a chance to consider their own cargo of crates and whether it'd be worthwhile to do some trading and streamline their journey. But if things do turn shooty, the action is as likely to take place on shore as on the sea, which again brings in more variety. This month's Voyages are on the more accessible end of Cargo Runs anyway, where the only thing to worry about is delivery time, not the condition of the items which come pre-trashed thanks to Duke.

As well as the variety in Voyage types and routes, there's the choice between earning gold and rep through Trading Company Voyages or doing Duke's Voyages to earn Doubloons for the Black Market. We're always listening and trying to address concerns and add extra value for players. The monthly updates will continue to do this, and they'll be coming in alongside the bigger updates still in the works, so you've got plenty of stuff to look forward to!

Having wrapped up our Smuggler's Fortune chat, we sidled out of the booth in Rare reception and left Chris to the lunchtime company of Sea of Thieves composer Robin, who'd been hovering politely because he's nice like that. If you haven't yet set out onto the Sea of Thieves this month, there's no need to miss out: Smuggler's Fortune will continue to offer its Rag and Bone Voyages until mid-October when the next update takes over.

And while their stock will regularly change, the Black Market and Pirate Emporium will remain in the game indefinitely, allowing you to spend gold or Doubloons on variants of previous cosmetics or hard-earned cash on the Emporium's adorable parrot and monkey pets. It doesn't matter if he stops answering our messages, we know where his desk is. A long shadow falls on the Sea of Thieves - get some insights into October's monthly update Interested in content creation?

Find out more about our latest initiative for Sea of Thieves players! Let us bring you in on some of the planning that went into Sea of Thieves' premium store! Sea of Thieves' monthly updates continue with an especially eerie challenge…. The Game.

Hostile Fortunes

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