I Have Lived: life from a cancer survivors perspective

“Living in the moment” among cancer survivors who report life-transforming change
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Even when treatment is over, your physical body and emotional spirit are still healing. Whether with surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy or all of the above, your body just went through a major trauma and needs time to heal.

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You might be anxious about going back to work, school, or having to take care of your family. You could still feel very, very tired. You might even experience cognitive problems after chemotherapy, including mental fogginess and trouble concentrating and multi-tasking.

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I Have Lived: Life from a Cancer Survivor's Perspective [Keith E. Gerber] on chriscoagorshafmu.cf *FREE* shipping on eligible orders. Written about a real life from. Living in the moment” among cancer survivors who report life-transforming change. Some cancer survivors say that while coping with their illness they have had . things in perspective, disengagement from anticipatory or recalled concerns.

Another thing some people struggle with is how their hair is growing back -- thicker, thinner, curlier, or even different color. All of these feelings and concerns are completely normal. With a little patience and support from friends and family, and frequent checkups with your physician, you can gradually find your new normal. Some people equate surviving cancer with getting a new lease on life.

Study cancer survivors

As a reason to ditch bad habits and focus on things that make you feel good -- inside and out. Eating a balanced diet high in antioxidants is one of the best and easiest ways to boost your health. There are even certain foods that can strengthen your immune system and help you maintain a healthy body weight, which are primary factors in the fight against cancer. There are many of these foods, including broccoli, tomatoes, blueberries and walnuts.

According to the National Cancer Institute , there is convincing evidence that physical activity is associated with a reduced risk of cancers of the colon and breast.

How do you feel about the term "cancer survivor"?

Exercise can also play a huge role in helping cancer survivors feel energized again. Evidence shows that exercise boosts your mood, your memory and can even help reverse the effects of stress. Every bit of physical activity is beneficial and worthwhile. Consider pairing your activities with friends and enjoy the benefits of a little human connection , too. Reaching out to the community is a great way to gain confidence, find support and possibly even help others. While your own story is completely unique and personal, there are certain thoughts, feelings, fears and emotions that many breast cancer patients can benefit from sharing.

You can be a shoulder for someone to cry on, or an ear someone can bend.

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You have the chance to be the person you needed when you were first diagnosed for someone else. This is where I am in my cancer journey , and below are some of my reflections on how cancer has changed me … and how it may change you.

Improving the Mental Health of Cancer Survivors: Adjusting to a “New Normal” After Cancer Treatment

The diagnosis of cancer immediately affects your perception of time. You probably never thought about the length of your life until you were diagnosed with cancer. Cancer and the thought of death go hand in hand. As you begin to regain your sense of normalcy, you appreciate the time you have and take advantage of the day.

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Make the most of it. You will find that you are eager to help, especially with someone that has been newly diagnosed. You want to comfort them.

Greater Sense of Support and Compassion

Journey or quest works for me. I have found my calling and myself, and through my preventative double mastectomy, I have found my voice and a new appreciation for my body. I was trying to plan my life and, to make a long story short, I was trying to figure out if I should invest my time in rest and healing with focus on the long-term or stay very active and make memories for my family in the short-term. We had cancer. As a term, I like combatant. Type of cancer: Breast cancer Diagnosed at age: 35 "Even before cancer, I was a lover of life. I am a person not the remnants of a disease.

Most importantly, you now speak a new language after a battle with cancer. Share it. Let go. Before cancer, one just goes about their day-to-day routine.

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After receiving a cancer diagnosis, you will reflect on how precious life is, and develop a greater appreciation for the simple things. I am an avid outdoors person and enjoy fly-fishing and spending time in the woods. Find your relaxation method. Find the simple things that you enjoy. Relish in them.

You start to think of your day-to-day life much differently.