Islamic Economics and Finance: A European Perspective (IE Business Publishing)

Islamic Economics and Finance: A European Perspective (IE Business Publishing)
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In his journey he reaches the center of the Earth and its essence.

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The great surprise is that the interior world of the Earth is very similar to the surface, but with prehistoric animals and without the influence of human beings. During the last decade, news on Islamic finance has been dominated by the expansion and growth of the industry and the creation of Islamic finance institutions all around the globe.

The industry turned 50 years old in — since the first experiments in interest-free financial institutions appeared around , and the first commercial Islamic banks were created in The prohibition of interest in Islam and the aspiration of Muslims to make this prohibition a practical reality in their economies, have led to the establishment of Islamic financial institutions IFIs.

This approach to economics, and particularly to commercial exchange, has gained traction in recent decades. In fact, a robust and widespread movement has arisen to position Islamic finance and IFIs globally as viable competitors to conventional finance and banking. In great part, the cause of this change lies is traditional supply and demand. The worldwide resurgence of Islamic teaching has driven demand for Islamic finance and for the creation of Islamic financial institutions. This chapter explores the role of profit-and-loss sharing PLS in IFIs for economic development, and how that role differs from conventional finance.

Microfinance, and especially microcredit, is increasingly believed to be inappropriate for the chronically poor and destitute. Loans to the destitute may in fact make the poor poorer if they lack opportunities to earn the cash flow necessary to repay the loans.

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Indeed, the other word for credit is debt. A destitute person may be reluctant to incur debt and start a micro-enterprise because of risk and uncertainty with cash flows. Usually, the individual may not possess the entrepreneurial and technical skills needed for wealth creation.

Such an economically inactive individual would be unbankable and would find it difficult to obtain financing from for-profit microfinance institutions. Indeed, more than financial services, these individuals must be provided for their basic needs, such as food, shelter or guaranteed employment. Such safety nets may be funded through charity.

In order to cross the skill-related barrier, such individuals would also need training for skills development before they are able to make good use of microfinance. The safety nets may then be linked with microfinance programs, so that the same individuals may move through several stages — from abject penury to a stage where they are able to meet their consumption needs, then to a stage where they come to acquire necessary technical and entrepreneurial skills for setting up micro-enterprises, and finally to a stage where they are able to obtain the required funds from microfinancing institutions MFIs and have the micro-enterprises up and running.

The disruption of the global financial system poses new challenges but also new opportunities.

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Harvard Business Review. Steve Coogan. Overall rating No ratings yet 0. As far as the economic sphere is concerned, it must make sure that citizens have enough means to survive and that fraudulent dealings do not occur. Shipping is free for all customers in Australia.

Contemporary life is full of responsibilities and entertainments. Thus, people in all segments demand funds to satisfy their needs.

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Business people look for funds to enlarge their businesses, employees require cash to pay for housing and other assets. Most of these have less ability to pay up front for their needs, but they can pay short-to mid-term installments.

Legally, funds can be provided only from recognized financial institutions that are regulated by central banks, such as traditional banks and financing companies. However, not all people can get the required funds due to regulatory and risk issues.

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In June IE Business School, with King Abdulaziz University, gathered in Madrid some of the world's foremost scholars, academics and practitioners of Islamic Economics and Finance. These highlights of the IE Business Publishing. Islamic Economics and Finance: A European Perspective - IE Business Publishing (Paperback). J. Langton (editor), Cristina Trullols (editor), Abdullah Q.

This is because the requirements demanded by such institutions are unattainable by all clients. Therefore, clients usually look for alternative methods to satisfy their needs. The solutions vary, but could come from institutions or individuals who are operating outside the central bank of a country.

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