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With your child, use a pack of cards to produce a sequential spatial pattern. Find a rule for the number of cards that you have used in relation to the number of the term in the pattern. Which term of the pattern would you be able to make using all 52 cards? Log in or register to create plans from your planning space that include this resource. Use the resource finder.


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Home Resource Finder. Specific Learning Outcomes. Description of Mathematics. Encourage students to explain their thinking and to see the patterns in a variety of ways. Required Resource Materials. Key Vocabulary. Session 1 Triangle Paths Here we look at a simple pattern created by putting matchsticks together to form a connected path of triangles. Introduce the session by telling the students that Kiri made the following matchstick paths using 1, 2, and 3 triangles — she called them a 1-triangle path, a 2-triangle path and a 3-triangle path.

Kiri noticed that if she rearranged the matchsticks, she could count them quite quickly. The following picture shows how she rearranged them. How would Kiri rearrange a 7-triangle path? Tell the class that Kiri says that using her method, she can see a short cut way of counting the number of matchsticks needed to make a triangle path. How big a path can Kiri make with matchsticks? Jamie says that using his method, he can see another short cut way of counting the number of matchsticks needed to make a triangle path.

How many matchsticks will be needed to make a triangle path? How big a path can Jamie make with matchsticks? Ask the class: How would Jamie explain to someone else how he could find the number of matches needed to make a path consisting of any number, say , of triangles? Session 2 Square Paths Here we look at a simple pattern created by putting matchsticks together to form a connected path of squares. Following the same general procedure as above, allow the students to explore ways of counting the number of matchsticks that are needed to make square paths.

vetasinkowest.tk Present the children with the following picture. Have them make a 4-square and 5-square path.

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Focus questions on how many extra matchsticks were added each time. Ask them how they could develop a quick and easy way of finding the number of matchsticks needed to make a square path. Let the students work in groups of 2.

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Ask the groups to make a picture showing how each path is made. They can experiment with the matchsticks, and record their pictures. Is there only one possible picture? What might some of the others look like? Some pictures will be very helpful in counting the number of matchsticks needed to make a 8-square path — some will not. Have the children choose the picture that they think best explains how successive square paths are made up AND gives a quick and easy method for counting the matchsticks needed for an 8 -square path.

They can use this method to predict the number of matchsticks needed to make , and -square paths. Have them write down how they would use their method to count the number of matchsticks needed to make a square path consisting of any number of squares, say squares. How many squares are in a square path with 31, and matchsticks? How many matchsticks will be left over if you make the biggest square path that you can with 38, and matchsticks? Use the techniques developed in the last two sessions to explore the following problem: A new matchstick path is being designed.

It is called a house path. Some of them are shown below. Develop a counting rule, that is, a short-cut way of counting the number of matchsticks needed to make a house path. Have the children illustrate how they developed their counting rule. They could do this, for example, by using pictures, words or numbers or some combination of these.

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Get the class to discuss the various approaches that were used and methods that were obtained. Allow time for the class to write up its conclusions.

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