Summer Slippers (Easy To Crochet 2 Hour Slippers)

Crochet Slippers Pattern- 62 Free Crochet Patterns
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I kind of talk about it in the video, but really the best way I have found is to tie a small, sturdy knot and seal the ends with a tiny dab of glue. Its seems less messy-looking than other ways! These are so cute!!! I used a light pink and seafoam green. They came out adorable :- and thanks for the wonderful video. I found it very easy to follow. It would depend on what yarn you use and what your personal gauge is. You will just have to experiment. Well written pattern, great little project! They are so cute.

Crochet Patterns Slippers One-hour Crochet Slippers – FREE Pattern!

I used cotton and did the cross strap in a k1p1 rib. I took a pic but am not sure how to add it. Thank you for this pattern, I have it saved on my computer and making for my great niece, this will be very nice an I look forward to following you, as crocheting is a dying art and it does not seem many do it anymore. My grandmother taught me 40 years ago and I going to teach my granddaughter.

I have been inspired! But making these adorable little flip flops is a bit more challenging than I had expected. I am very grateful for the videos. In your written patterns for the flip flop you have the number of stitches that one should have after each step in the month sandal sole.

Could you please tell me how many stitches there should be in each step of making the sole for the month and month. Have you viewed this video?

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I cannot wait to try your pattern.. First of all, these baby sandals are ridiculously cute! Second, if one more person forwards me the link to your blog…! Love your patterns! I second that Lisa, love all her patterns. Nicely written and easy to follow. Finished products are very adorable. Love them all!!! I would love to make the flip flops or any other shoe or slipper.

Problem is, I only know how to knit. Do you have any patterns for knitting.

Do you need help with this pattern?

Thanking you in advanced….. Ariana - These slippers are so soft and comfortable with just the right amount of stretch. Plus, you can easily create this gorgeous bag in about three hours, and with just a few supplies. The concepts would still be the same, just the stitch counts, etc, would be different. Crochet Crown. Wonder Wool Wall Hanging. It is very easy and works up quickly, enjoy!

I am a knitter too, but it was super easy to crochet these little flip flops. I made a pair last night and it only took a few hours to get down the stitches, after that it was a snap. They are really fast to make after you get the hang of the stitches. You should try them! Hi, I just wanted to reassure you that you will want to make the baby sandals in the crochet pattern, so the sandal is a little sturdy.

Easy peasy adult crochet slippers -

I do both and I reassure you that crocheting is much easier to learn than knitting. If you get on the internet and ask how to crochet, there will be self help lessons on videos. If you spend a morning or afternoon, just practicing, you will learn crochet. Hope this was encouraging. Have fun! Do you have a pattern for months? My daughter is 16 months and I want to make her some, these are too adorable! My niece would love these for her little one 8 mo. Hi Bethany, I love your shoe patterns, they are adorable. Is there any way to make them non slip for toddlers just starting to walk, I have to take them off her to stop her slipping.

Another reader also crocheted a separate piece from hemp and attached it to the bottom. I hope this helps!

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Hot glue! You can buy a spray on rubber made for backing rugs, shoes,slippers, anything you want to make non slip.

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While in Florida this winter I learned to make bali slippers. The bottoms are made with a non skid fabric which I purchased at a quilt store Quilters Quarters at Zephyrhills.

I bought extra because I crochet warm footies for elderly people who have mobility issues. Do a blanket stitch all the way around non skid, tack glue the insert to inside of it, then sew with yarn needle to the sole. It works great! Hope this helps-I am 68 and still learning new things-I love it!

How to crochet Easy women slippers

Hello, your little shoes are so cute I am a little confused on how to do the sole for the flip flops. Is there a way you can make a video on the sole or something? Hi…ur little flip flops are cute…my coworkers all sent me the link.. I have one question.. But in ur video u do it 10x? Is that right?

Crochet Slippers With Flip Flop Soles – Free Pattern And Video:

I wonder if you would tell me how you tied off when changing colors? I have not made these yet, cute as they are, because little items are hard to hide ends in. Thanks for making pattern available. At least 3 people have sent my your link via FB — I can take a hint :. Thanks : The ends are a bit of a nuisance, and its really impossible to hide them completely. For the sl st edge, I stitch it back and forth through the back side of the sl st on the sole.

Hope this helps! My question is that when I go to make the heel strap, it says to find the middle of the heel and count 8 months sl st to the right and join, then to make the chain and skip 9 sl st and join again, but when I do that it, I end up joining the chain to the 3rd sl st from the left of the middle on the heel.

If that makes any sense?

Did I mess up or do I need to skip a couple more sl st before joining? Finally made the pink and gray flip flops Bethany!!! Absolutely adorable…. Greatly appreciate the free patterns and you tube tutorials.

Welcome to Etsy!

Keep up the creativity!! Bethany, thank you for sharing your pattern for these adorable little flip flops!! You have incredible designs! Thank you for sharing!! Hugs from Choctaw, Oklahoma!! You are welcome!