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The goal is to cover Europe with mobile broadband and make it as fast as Ethernet. By Loek Essers, Huis van Europa, The Hague, 15 May Erdogan was no It pays special a In Syria, fighting continues between a wide variety of parties, and Syrian and Russian forces continue their relentless bombardments. Large parts of the Syrian population still lack essential food and medical supplies as Last Friday Turkey's largest newspaper was taken over by the The EU member states just gave the European Commission the green light to start trade negotiations with the United States.

September 29, pm Find the article at the Financial Times. By Ayse Karabat, 7. Almost a year ago, President Trump announced he would be imposing steep tariffs on the import of steel and aluminum into the United States. By offering a number of countries a temporary exemption to these tariffs, Trum Heads up, Silicon Valley. Though the election is still a month away, the electoral list system u It is essential that the UN plays an effective and credible role, especially regarding human righ Today, the European Parliament debates t Het panel zal TTIP en de gevolgen van dit verdrag op toekomstige handelsve As China becomes an increasingly important partner for the EU, now is the time to take a strong stance on human rights and make sure Beijing provides fair access to European businesses, writes Marietje Schaake.

Last Ja Author s The United States will refrain from imposing tariffs on European cars and car-parts. In exchan With a broad majority in favour of her report, the European Parlia Today, the Committee for Foreign Affairs debates a report that gives recommendations for future E By Janosch Delcker Today the INTA committee adopted its position to update the export control system on dual use items.

You can read an unofficial version of the position here.

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WAFA, Previous work on net neutrality: Schaake: Commissioner Kroes misses historic opportunity to guarantee net neutrality Plenary speech on the Completion of the Digital Single Market Press release: Enshrine The Iranian parliament today Turkey has been trying for years to join the European Union, presenting itself as a growing economic and political power and a bridge to Asian and Middle Eastern markets. Adrian Croft, Reuters, Today, the European Parliament debates about the trade agreement between the EU and Canada, that is currently under negotiation.

Marietje Schaake

The two teams of negotiators have reached a comprehensive political agreement on the conten This afternoon, the European A European Union lawmaker has asked the bloc's foreign policy chief to launch an investigation after Reuters reported that Russian tankers had carried jet fuel to Syria through EU waters.

The shipm ECFR is an independent think tank that promotes a powerful and integrated common fore Today, the European Parliament called for the immediate release of Iranian human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh.

Earlier this week, Nasrin Sotoudeh was convicted to 38 years imprisonment and lashes. MEP Marietj Schaake: "Since the despicable coup attempt, we have seen ever Governments and internet firms are wrestling with the rules for free speech online. The Economist, THE arrest of a senior executive rarely brings helpful headlines. But when Brazilian authorities briefly detai Today the European Parliament adopted with a broad majority a resolution on the humanitarian situation in Yemen that called upon Federica Mogherini, the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and S Today the Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram reported that twelve prominent revolutionary figures, including presidential candidates, activists, journalists, MPs and writers, have been referred to a military prosecution for all Today, the European Commission formally presents its plans for a single telecoms market in the European Union.

Besides bearing good news, such as lower costs for calls and data, the Commission's proposals are cause for c Just as European surveillance and mobile-message filtering companies come under increasing pressure to safeguard human rights, two Irish companies have been reported as selling tech to the Syrian regime that is being use The current EU sanctions seem to have little or no effect in deterring Al-Assad from continuing his violent crack-down on innocent Syrians. EU companies are about to get hit with a controversial new export control law hampered by a wave of criticism this summer from technology firms, which contend that it will destroy their business abroad.

The European Commi Today, the European Commission is presenting its long-awaited strategy to optimally exploit the opportunities of artificial intelligence AI. Gaston Dorren, Volta, The Turkish elections results have shown that Mr Erdogan's AK Party has won 18 seats too few for an absolute majority yesterday.

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This ends 12 years of single-party rule by the AK Party and means that power will have to b Mid-October a hastily agreed deal between the EU and Turkey was announced. On 29 November it was formalized, when Vice-President of the Commission, Frans Timmermans officially announced the deal with Turkey, regardi Securing freedoms and rights for gays and lesbians in Turkey will help the country show how compatible it is with European values, a Dutch member of the European Parliament says.

According to Marietje Schaake, the human We frequently hear about the bad practices of companies that sue states for large sums of money.

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The EU and Azerbaijan: Beyond Oil (ECFR policy memo Book 57) - Kindle edition by Jana Kobzova, Leila Alieva. Download it once and read it on your Kindle. The EU and Azerbaijan: Beyond Oil (ECFR policy memo Book 57) eBook: Jana Kobzova, Leila Alieva: Kindle Store.

They make improper use of investment protection provisions in trade agreements: ISDS. The link with TTIP is often made. Bahraini security officials used systems from Nokia Siemens Networks to track dissidents, who were later tortured, a new report says. Human rights activists don't want repressive regimes to get surveillance technology The letter signed by more than 50 European parliament members expressing concern over whistleblower's treatment in custodyBy staff, Damages for the European steel and aluminium industries are estimated to be around 6.

EU-Russia Energy Policy – Why is it Incoherent and Ineffective?

Member of the E Now that Trump is withdrawing from the world stage and the crises around Europe remain uns Today I asked the following question to the High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs: According to recent reports 1 North Korean hackers targeted four different exchanges that trade bitcoin and other digital Brussels, January 8th Dear Members of Congress, We warmly congratulate you on your inauguration last week and look forward to working with you across the Atlantic.

At a time in which we face global challeng The European Court Lebanon has been dealing with a garbage crisis since when its largest landfill closed. Garbage is now dumped into the Mediterranean or burned, with both solutions having negative effects on the environment and publi Please find the letter sent by Ms Schaake and supported by colleagues below. Morsi is the first president in Egypt's history to be democratically e Schaake and her colleagues urge Senato In the Netherlands, the first country in Europe to g The perpetrators were never caught.

Recognising the need to provide journalists with extra safeguards, the Member of the Eur Schaake: "It is disgraceful that while schools and hospitals are intentionally bombed a Today, the 1st of December, a new round of trilateral talks between the European Union, Ukraine and Russia will take place, to discuss the implementation of the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement between the EU Marietjes Schaake addresses a group of Turkish and European students during a meeting organized by the "Friends of Turkey" in the European Parliament and the Turkish Ministry of Education.

She will talk about her politic In this respect, the EU Because of justified Marietje Schaake joined trade reporter Naomi Bar to discuss the upcoming British referendum.

EU-Russia Energy Policy – Why is it Incoherent and Ineffective?

Looking at the news over the past days, it is easy to think Europe and the United States - allies - are preparing for battle. Yet the strong language and war rhetoric currently dominating headlines on both sides of the A By Judy Dempsey, on March Every week, a selection of leading experts answer a Germany and France have already p In July , a report found thousands of North Korean nationals were sent to work througho Jon Corzine is in Nigeria this week with a delegation that will oversee the country's parliamentary elections. Schaake underlines the Tuesday, China agreed on Google's This permission was needed because both companies are doing business in China.

From now on, Google will be capable of producin Liberals and Democrats in the European Parliament strongly stress Keeping track of the avalanche of reports about new mass surveillance initiatives and Internet freedom crackdowns can be a difficult task. But soon there could be a solution to the problem: a global monitoring system tha When suicide bombers killed at least 97 people at a rally of pro-Kurdish activists and civic groups advocating peace between the Turkish g Please find my press release about the mandate for the negotiations on a trade and investment treaty with the US TTIP here.

A week after the attempted coup in Turkey, and after tens of thousands of arrests, European Ministers and the European Commission must take concrete steps to help restore security and strengthen the rule of law. After th The European Parliament just voted in favour of the new trade and investment agreements with Singapore. The EU has come under fire over its role in tackling the "catastrophic" humanitarian crisis in Syria.

Martin Banks, The Parliament Magazine, Today the European Parliament will vote on the annual progress report on Turkey. The resolution will be the most critical ever adopted of this kind. At the same time Members of European Parliament across the political sp On December 14, Marietje Schaake submitted the following Parliamentary Written Questions to the European Commission concerning the detention of about 3, migrants and refugees in Turkey.

Author: Marietje Schaak This video shows the discussion with the White Helmets in the European Parliament on the 7th of December Watch the short version of the debate in the European Parliament today on the trade in certain goods which could be used for capital punishment, torture or other treatment or punishment In two By Mike Masnick, Europeans will take to the streets this weekend in protest at the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, an international agreement that has given birth to an ocean full of red herrings.

By Ben Rooney, 9. Following her remarks that the idea of creating hu Today the European Parliament adopted a resolution calling for the release of Afgan Mukhtarli in Azerbaijan. On 29 May, the journalist and government critic was forcefully abducted from Georgia. He is currently held in a The implementation of the so-called Bali-package was held up since December because a For the first time since , the European Parliament today debates the state of play of EU-Egypt relations. Friday, March 24, from a.

On March 11, Marietje Schaake spoke in the plenary meeting about the relations between the EU and the League of Arab States and cooperation in countering terrorism.

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According to Schaake, working together to fight terrori On August 5th, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia declared the Canadian ambassador in Riyadh persona non grata, recalled its own ambassador from Ottawa and announced it will halt all new bilateral trade and investment flows Schaake and Yenel discussed the recent political sh The low turn-out among young European voters in the European elections is alarming.

Moreover, out of a total of Members of the European Parliament, only 2 are currently under the age of 30, whilst just 57 are un Europe and the United States look set to implement different approaches to cybersecurity, with Washington adopting voluntary reporting mechanisms against Brussels' compulsory measures. The difference approaches thr Amid growing tension between Iran and the EU regarding Iran's nuclear activities and the subsequent introduction of sanctions on Iran's oil exports, the European Parliament held a debate today with the EU High Representa Today, the 12 states negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership reached an agreement.

The United States is one of these countries and is currently also negotiating a trade agreement with the EU, the Trans-Atlantic Trade a Over the weekend, attention was again paid to the movements of a Russian military vessel. The elections were an important test for the government of President Rouhani, with whom the pe The human rights situation has been deteriorat Only a strong Euro The European Commission is about to propose a law that would let news publishers across the EU try to charge companies like Google for reproducing parts of their articles.

The idea has already been tried in Noam Sheizaf, Magazine, Schaake: "These new laws strengthen the grip of the Digital Europe: How to be successful? Read the full article on EU Observer. Please also read Schaa The European Commission today proposed to apply UN rules on transparency in investor-state dispute settlement ISDS cases to the bilateral investment treaties that European Member States have with other countries They were nominated for th Today, Marietje Schaake submitted written questions to the European Commission regarding reports of an impending shipment of teargas and other crowd control equipment to Bahrain, possibly by a South Korean company.

This law from requires every ship that transports goods or persons between American ports to be made in the Today, European ministers The European Union should make its diverse cultural content more accessible to people around the world via increased investment in cultural and, in particular, digital diplomacy, Dutch liberal MEP Marietje Schaake told E Marc Hall, Euractiv, This interview appeared on The Digital Post.

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  3. EU-Russia Energy Policy – Why is it Incoherent and Ineffective? by Pooja Chatterjee :: SSRN!

Monika Ehmert, IP Watch, Sadly the need to address this impunity remains all to urgent. The targeted kil On 9 June it was reported that on 26 May Russian-made weapons were delivered by a vessel, registered under the name "Professor Katsman", in the Syrian harbourof Tartus1. The vessel is said to be registered to N The fall-out from the Japanese tsunami has inevitably dominated media reports and blurred international attention to the rout of the Libyan opposition, left to fend off Gaddafi and his mercenaries by themselves.

ALDE Pr Monika Ermert, Intellectual Property Watch, Both US Vice-P The ever-increasing danger that the war in Syria spills over into neighbouring countries forces the EU to take drastic measures. Marietje Schaake submitted questions to High-Representative Federica Mogherini on the recent decision by Israel to allow the building of settlement constructions in the West-Bank.

The questions, which you will find Unfortunately, Russia is increasingly less European when measured along the democratic yardstick. Despite its membership of the Coun This week's favorites post comes from Marietje Schaake, a Member of the EU Parliament, who has been called "Europe's most wired politician.

Other c The European Parliament this morning debated the future trade relationship between the European Union and the United Kingdom after Brexit. The Council of the European Union today decided that EU sanctions could be imposed on those who carry out cyber attacks against Member States. In addition, the possibility of sending a EU mission to Iraq was discussed. Please find below questions I submitted in response to a critical Court of Auditors report on pre-accession support to Turkey.

President Maduro was re-elected large week amidst boycotts and irregularities. The United States does not recognise the el The cautious rapprochement by the Syrian Opposition Coalition to the current regime and Russia should get the EU's full backing and support. Given the ongoing brutal violence over the past two years a political solution Schaake: "This postponement undermines the credibility and imp CETA was supposed to be Anyone who opened Wikipedia during the past weeks, saw landmark buildings such as the Eiffel tower or the Erasmus bridge, blacked out in pictures. Similarly, as Members of Parliament we received countless emails.

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The future of the European digital library, Europeana, is guaranteed. A large majority of the European Parliament voted in favour of the progress report on Europeana.